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Management Team

Collectively, Aqua Pool’s management team has more than 150 years invested in the commercial and residential pool-building industry. Their experience is evident in their thoughtful approach to your project.

Our designers, professional engineers and construction crews are experts in their field, and you’re the beneficiary of their wide and varied knowledge and innovative approach to building the perfect pool. Team members can be reached at the office by dialing 1-800-847-7946 (1-800-VIP-SWIM) or at the individual E-mail addresses below:

Officers/Executive Team

Kenny Bromberger, President -- 33 years

Randy Kolson, Vice President -- 28 years

Norma Bromberger, Secretary – a lifetime

Management Team

Aron Way, General Manager -- 22 yrs

Keith Bodnar, Commercial Services Specialist -- 21 yrs.

Curtis Botzer, Assistant Project Manager --10 yrs.

Ed McCarty, Service Department Manager -- 38 yrs.

For more than five decades, Aqua Pool has been bringing clients’ visions to life. Our relationships are built on trust and mutual respect, whether we’re working with building owners, facility managers, school boards, architects, or homeowners.

When you’re looking for a partner who shares your passion for unparalleled performance . . . one who will be here today, and more importantly, tomorrow . . . look to Aqua Pool. We’ll make the pool of your dreams come true.