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Energy Efficient Pool Design

The “green” theme runs deep throughout the United States and beyond, as energy shortages and environmental concerns help drive decisions of building owners and residents alike. Pool owners can take steps to make their investments more energy-efficient as well.

Variable Frequency Drives help regulate the recirculation pumps in most pools, helping owners realize more predictable operating costs. Additionally, they can be tied into existing Building Management Systems, which is especially desirable in commercial settings. Certain types of pool covers retain heat better than others, and can help ensure a more consistent temperature for all users, especially in therapy settings.

There are environmental and financial benefits to ensuring your pool is operating at peak efficiency, including:

• Lower operating costs and increased asset value
• Conservation of energy, water and other natural
• Healthier and safer environment for users
• Reduced harmful greenhouse gas emissions

Going “green” is the responsible thing to do, as it helps to reduce emissions and create more sustainable environments for future generations. Whenever possible, Aqua Pool will provide pool building solutions and enhancements that embrace environmental stewardship and social responsibility.